GIVEAWAY!! Hey guys :) I thought about doing a huge giveaway With a lot of things that I don’t use anymore, Aren’t mi size, I got newer Versions or I just simply decide to giveaway. I tried to do it so more people would reblog it and enjoy the things, a giveaway for everyone, but the I realized I don’t have boy things so.. haha but, still, if you like it reblog it :)

The Giveaway includes:

  • One Direction 2012 Tour big poster (Only available For VIP’s)
  • 3 Forever 21 Shirts Size M
  • A Victoria’s Secret “Sheer Love” Splash
  • A Victoria’s Secret “Aqua Kiss” Lotion
  • 2 Forever 21 pink Wallets
  • 1 Necklace
  • An Original Gucci red Watch
  • 5 One Direction’s pictures signed
  • A One Direction’s 2012 tour shirt Size M (Only available for VIP’s)
  • 5 One Direction Pins  (Only available for VIP’s)
  • One Direction Bag  (Only available for VIP’s)
  • A VIP laminate
  • Liam-One Direction Wristband
  • Niall-One Direction Wristband
  • Harry-One Direction Wristband
  • Louis-One Direction Wristband
  • Zayn-One Direction Wristband
  • A wristband with all the names
  • The Hunger Games
  • Catching Fire
  • Mocking jay
  • The Hunger Games Tribute Guide
  • The Hunger Games Soundtrack
  • "Plus" By Ed Sheeran
  • "Speak Now" By Taylor Swift Deluxe Edition
  • "Imagine" By John Lennon
  • "Unbroken" and "Don’t forget" By Demi Lovato
  • "BTR" and "Elevate" By Big Time Rush
  • "A Little Bit Longer" By Jonas Brothers
  • "Up All Night" By One Direction
  • One Direction’s DVD 
  • 3 Selena Gomez’s Big Posters
  • 1 Ross Big Poster
  • 5 One Direction big Posters, 1 Jumbo Poster, 2 small Posters and 5 Individual Posters
  • 5 Big Time Rush’s Big Posters and 2 small Posters
  • 4 Big Time Rush individual posters
  • 4 Taylor Swift’s Small Posters and 2 big
  • 5 Justin Bieber’s big posters
  • 2 Demi big posters and 3 Small
  • Sims 3
  • Pink Beats
  • White iPhone 4
  • White iPad
  • White and Pink MacBook 

The rules are Quite simple:

Ok maybe the cookies no.

I couldn’t post all the Pictures because Tumblr didn’t want me to so, My ask box is open for ANY questions, I don’t bite. 

Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

*Note: I hope this isn’t my last giveaway, so the winner will be promoted in the next give away.